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What's your story?

Unlike a typical "question-answer" forum, I am deeply interested in learning the stories of people from around the world. There's no "right" or "wrong," just a space for sharing what makes you, you!

TED and TEDx speakers are given a literal stage for sharing their story, their passion. But what about YOUR story? And YOUR passion? Every single person - an official TED-talker or not! - deserves a platform for sharing their story.

Ever since I can remember, my parents have always said "You ask too many questions!" because I've always been a curious person (and especially a curious child - I bet my parents didn't think they would have to answer so many questions about, well, everything!). As an adult, that curiosity has turned into a fascination with learning about why we are the way we are, and how we get to where we are right now.

"What's your passion?" is actually a pretty loaded question. Because within it is history, hope, pain, experience, knowledge, and the list goes on. But by starting to ask ourselves what defines our "story" and our "passion," I truly believe that this is where our hope for a better future begins.

Maybe you're still figuring out what your passion is, or what it means for your own life. That's ok! I believe that by starting the dialogue about our story, the themes of passion unfold by looking in retrospect over our lives.

So, what's your passion? Where does your story start? And where is it now?

I'm excited to read your responses!


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    Aug 2 2013: Well, I was born into a highly Christian family, but I turned out an atheist, which has been difficult.

    Another thing is I got interested in dairy farming as an occupation, but I like living where my family lives, my mother, sister, and brother, and there is no agriculture here, Glendale my city is a suburb of Los Angeles.

    Another part of my story is being a failure at romance so far, no marriage or children, but hoping things change.
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      Aug 13 2013: Greg, I am curious - how did you discover that you believed in line with atheist views? I may be mistaken but it seems a lot of us struggle with religion. Maybe you can share your experience in how you discovered this and followed your own belief system?
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        Aug 13 2013: Thanks for asking, Rachel. I think I just always was. I mean, look around you. We see billions of lives being lived that are very mortal. In fact, if you start counting the animals, and the plants, and the microbes, we see probably what quadrillions of lives being lived that are very mortal. The oldest thing might be a redwood tree at 2,000 years, but that's a very small amount of time in the life of the universe. We also notice that all these mortal creatures are very limited in what they can do. I mean no creature can actually create raw materials, no creature can create say dirt where there wasn't dirt before. But even if you assume the raw materials are already there, an individual creature can only do so much, even if you look at the most productive person and what they assemble out of of raw materials in their lifetime, it's still a very small amount given the size of the universe.

        But then someone will tell you that there's one creature, God, who is different from all this quadrillion of creatures, who lives forever whereas the quadrillion creatures are very mortal, who can create something out of nothing whereas the quadrillion creatures cannot, who can create whole planets even though the quadrillion creatures can only create rather small things. I mean how likely is it that one creature is so different? Possible, maybe, but not very likely, right? I prefer to go with what is probable rather than what is possible but extremely unlikely.

        By the way, I noticed on your profile you speak Spanish? But your name doesn't seem Spanish, did you just study it in college? What is your interest in let's see was the band called the Naked Mondays? What's the story behind the name?

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