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What's your story?

Unlike a typical "question-answer" forum, I am deeply interested in learning the stories of people from around the world. There's no "right" or "wrong," just a space for sharing what makes you, you!

TED and TEDx speakers are given a literal stage for sharing their story, their passion. But what about YOUR story? And YOUR passion? Every single person - an official TED-talker or not! - deserves a platform for sharing their story.

Ever since I can remember, my parents have always said "You ask too many questions!" because I've always been a curious person (and especially a curious child - I bet my parents didn't think they would have to answer so many questions about, well, everything!). As an adult, that curiosity has turned into a fascination with learning about why we are the way we are, and how we get to where we are right now.

"What's your passion?" is actually a pretty loaded question. Because within it is history, hope, pain, experience, knowledge, and the list goes on. But by starting to ask ourselves what defines our "story" and our "passion," I truly believe that this is where our hope for a better future begins.

Maybe you're still figuring out what your passion is, or what it means for your own life. That's ok! I believe that by starting the dialogue about our story, the themes of passion unfold by looking in retrospect over our lives.

So, what's your passion? Where does your story start? And where is it now?

I'm excited to read your responses!


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  • Aug 2 2013: Hello, Rachel. I'm glad to write down the first comment on your conversation. My story..um..I am a korean student and my country is obsessed with English education. But it does not work well because students only learn reading and listening and grammer not speaking or writing. They go private educational institutions, feeling public educations are not enough. And this is quite sad things.
    These days, I'm curious about various languages. I'm challenging studying Chinese. It's quite hard but worth keeping.
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      Aug 2 2013: Hi Sophia -

      Thank you for your response! After schooling in Korea, do you plan to study more languages? Or do you have a dream you are working toward?
      • Aug 2 2013: I just want to learn more languages. Even though, I have studied various languages slightly, now I am going to review them in detail. Why I want to learn languages is that they are the best way to commnunicate and interact with others who are really different from me. To approach them, the attitudes kind of "I am with you, I am understanding you." are important.:)
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          Aug 13 2013: Sophia, I completely agree! Sometimes in order to help another person in the best and most helpful way, we must see through their eyes. How wonderful that you see language as a way to do that! Continue working toward this understanding and know that you are doing such wonderful work for the world!

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