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Lean Pork: A new way to run Congress

Almost everyone agrees that pork barrel legislation is bad for the taxpayer. Here's a way to cut back on it.

Ask your Congressman and Senator to enable these House and Senate rules on legislation:

If any 20 members of Congress or any five Senators assert that a particular line item in a spending bill is inconsistent with the main purpose of the bill, say an appropriation for a violin museum in an agriculture or military spending bill, that line item must be brought to an immediate vote for or against inclusion in the omnibus bill.

The vote to include the line item must pass by a two-thirds majority of the entire body. Otherwise it must be stricken from the bill.

It would not take long for our Congress critters to realize that they can't get away with including pork in unrelated bills. If they want to introduce the line item as specific legislation that's fine, but doing so opens them up to a lot of perhaps unfortunate public scrutiny.

Let's call this the beatback rule. Ask candidates for office whether they will vote to include this in House and Senate procedural rules.


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  • Aug 3 2013: 1. Cut back the amount of money the federal government gets.
    2. Put it into the constitution that the Federal government only gets one tax and state the amount, say 10%.
    3. Everything else is handled by city and state. Museums paid for by city and state, roads paid for by city and state, etc.

    In the event of a war each state must vote to send soldiers. If a State does not send soldiers to fight they will suffer if we lose and likewise if we win they will be excluded from any benefits. However, if they see the war as unwarranted boondoggle then they could vote to stay out.

    The amount of pork and waste increases exponentially the further you get from the tax payer.
    • Aug 3 2013: That's almost exactly what was in the Articles of Confederation, and we know how well that worked.

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