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Does living in harmony with nature make you grow as a person?

When I lived in UK I met many creative people interested in self improvement, spirituality and natural living. They were people from the cities, either London or cities abroad.

When I moved to India, I witnessed some breath-taking locations untouched by the Westernization bug. However in those locations people were all about blindly following religion and culture, without much independent thought.

Even to this day I wonder why generally people who are most in touch with nature are least interested in spiritual and mental growth.


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    Sep 1 2013: It might also be the fact that in the western world the promise that you can be whatever you want it's sold to us in all forms and from many directions; and how nice to believe that you can really be whatever you want to be.. all it takes is to buy this book, or join a workshop, or watch a video... In India and especially in the remote locations close to nature people live a realistic life of challenges, they have goals related to survival (to feed the family, to get a good job...) But even there people seek perfection and enlightenment trough mediation and a pure life style.

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