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Does living in harmony with nature make you grow as a person?

When I lived in UK I met many creative people interested in self improvement, spirituality and natural living. They were people from the cities, either London or cities abroad.

When I moved to India, I witnessed some breath-taking locations untouched by the Westernization bug. However in those locations people were all about blindly following religion and culture, without much independent thought.

Even to this day I wonder why generally people who are most in touch with nature are least interested in spiritual and mental growth.


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  • Aug 31 2013: You are more than important to me, you are vital. Each person must know this of themselves. This is the answer to the question of living in harmony.

    There is a concept called "spirit of the times." That recognition is one path to search upon for coherence of oneself, for integrity.

    Far in another land of immense vistas, and greater distance among humans, there is a tradition in which the people, the Dine' or Navajo, teach and remind themselves to experience Beauty. They chant and travel forever the Beauty Way. They have social and private Ways of cleansing their minds and spirits of the difficult, confused, conflicting thoughts and issues that one might experience. It is good to know more about them.

    To different degrees these peoples I mention, as the Haenyeo you met, do not avoid what is to be found among other humans, and even though they suffer from many ills, some of very divorced-from-spiritual activities in the world they know, some resultant health problems from practices imposed by environmentally unhealthy actions, and yet other sources, they can hold traditions that are ways of retaining contact with our nature, and the nature of all that we perceive.

    I believe you pursue an important trail, in explaining to others that we are not truly apart from nature. Not every member of a culture understands some of their traditions, and that failure leads to what we can call superstition. Also, a rigidity of withdrawal from other cultures by an individual, can lead to the same breakdown of understanding - first with one's own nature or spirit, then with others.

    Tell us more.

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