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Does living in harmony with nature make you grow as a person?

When I lived in UK I met many creative people interested in self improvement, spirituality and natural living. They were people from the cities, either London or cities abroad.

When I moved to India, I witnessed some breath-taking locations untouched by the Westernization bug. However in those locations people were all about blindly following religion and culture, without much independent thought.

Even to this day I wonder why generally people who are most in touch with nature are least interested in spiritual and mental growth.


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  • Aug 3 2013: Hmmm, an interesting observation about how those closer to nature are less spiritual. The fact is, those living in cities feel the distance between their lives and one of deeper spirituality more deeply because of the modern lifestyle which can be very unhealthy. So, they seek a better way, a deeper understanding. Those living a life of poverty or a life which does not allow time for the asking of questions about life because they need to eat often dream of being rich and not having to work. Those living in very traditional communities are brought up in such a way and don't ask questions either, afterall everyone says its true. India is still very poor and the traditionally brought up people in the country dream of having a better life of leisure or comfort, not having to worry how they will eat or survive. So, their concern is say a business to make more money not a need to philosophise or ask deep questions. Indeed, their parents say to them, go to school and study, go to university and become a doctor, engineer, businessman, dentist, basically anything which makes money but nothing that the child actually is passionate about (other than the aforementioned). The fact that china and india don't have a social system, ie no pensions means the parents need their children to make enough money so they can take care of them when they get old. Now, lets look at those native peoples who actually do live close to nature, e.g. the African bushmen or Australian aborigines. Most no longer live this way but even those who do must first find a way to survive, so even these people become pragmatic about nature, I can build a hut or shelter if I cut down this tree etc. So, even here there are few people who seek deeper answers, these people who do are driven by it, e.g. medicine men or priestesses etc. Nonetheless, these people also know how to live in closer harmony because nature is in their face every day, you cannot escape it.
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      Aug 3 2013: Completely agree with you, Frank. It was my own experience that once there's no need to think about the survival and you live in comfort, that's when the real spiritual growth can take place (unless you listen to you ego).

      However my spiritual growth started when I was in a situation I wanted to escape (working for someone else) and having a horrible relationship. I think this growth started at that point because I had faith in the spiritual side of life.

      For a long time I was in contact with people of lower castes of India, even the lowest. It's interesting to note that usually these people always have food (they know wonderful ways to make money), however the STANDARD of life is very low. So their survival needs are covered.

      When you see beggars in the streets of India, know that they are not alone. They are behind the organisation. They give their earnings to the "boss" and they receive food, shelter and protection for that. So it's a business really.

      What I'm getting at is that usually their survival needs are covered. Such people have plenty of time to grow spiritually and mentally, but what they do most of the time is talk about mundane things, gossip, play games and so on.

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