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Does living in harmony with nature make you grow as a person?

When I lived in UK I met many creative people interested in self improvement, spirituality and natural living. They were people from the cities, either London or cities abroad.

When I moved to India, I witnessed some breath-taking locations untouched by the Westernization bug. However in those locations people were all about blindly following religion and culture, without much independent thought.

Even to this day I wonder why generally people who are most in touch with nature are least interested in spiritual and mental growth.


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    Aug 3 2013: "Poor people look at middle class, middle class looks at the rich and rich person is a blind person." This is very true, but it doesn't have to be so. There's a spiritual side of human beings too, and you can grow it and set example for others.
    • Aug 6 2013: a rich person is not a blind person i'm sorry that's simply wrong for a whole magnitude of reasons.

      as for your question the truth is the more in touch with nature a group of individuals are the least developed of a group they are and more likely to less educated as the people who truly are one with nature are those who live hand to mouth and because of this those of us living in comfort can never be one with nature and there's literally nothing at all wrong with that.

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