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"It is better to deserve without receiving, than to receive without deserving." - Robert Ingersoll

I'm very unsure of this quote. I'm not even sure which side I sway towards.
What's your say on this? True or false, or is there a balance? And why?

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    Aug 2 2013: Let me translate.

    It is better to do good and get nothing than to get something for doing nothing.

    I agree. The first circumstance makes you stronger, the second makes you weaker.

    But all in all, it is best to get what you deserve.
  • Steve C

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    Aug 5 2013: I can think of times in my life when I received without deserving; which caused me to pause & rethink, & try to deserve it later.
    I've heard that far-Eastern societies will give certain honors with the hopes that the receiver will go on to earn it later.
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    Aug 3 2013: The best parts of my life thus far (my faith in God; my wife; my sons and grandchildren; good health; joy; peace; hope)are all undeserved. Contemplating what I deserve is not an altogether pleasing experience. One vote for Receiving Without Deserving.
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    Aug 2 2013: It was meant to understand as a way of live, you can choose to do that and people who follow that path will think highly of you, or not. But philosophically, you are still equal to the whole even when you take it all with out deserving.
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    Aug 2 2013: I agree absolutely. I think it is true because there is no point receiving something without deserving, we will not know its worth. It is most true for money.
  • Aug 2 2013: It is the most powerful words to enlighen us seeking around in our lives.In my Chinese culture a person with the words' power,he(she)probably can be called deity:).
    It's translation in Chinese is:无私地给予总比无限地索取好。
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    Aug 2 2013: .

    My answers:

    (1) "To deserve without receiving" makes me welcome to my symbiotic members.
    (2) "To receive without deserving" makes me nervous to them.