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What would be the family structure of the future?

People are in constant movement, nowadays is many examples of married couples living and working around the Globe both coming from opposite sides of the World, having very little time to spare for their family, will economics and logistics will influence on the future structure of the family?


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  • Aug 3 2013: i believe because of the structural change in the economy there will be 4 models of the family structure

    1. Multiple generations under 1 roof. The grand parents own the home and the children can not afford childcare nor a house. The grand parents watch the children while both parents are working.

    1.1. Multiple generations under 1 roof with a single parent with children and grand parents.

    2. Single family with both parents working, probably away from the rest of the family - grand parents and siblings- due to job. It could be that the parents do not work in the same city or one travels a lot.

    2.1. Single parent with children.

    3. Only 1 parent works and 1 parent stays home.

    I believe that the number of families following 3 is decreasing.
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      Aug 3 2013: Wayne, some of your examples like 1 and 1.1 are happening due to Immigration many of these people have create new relationships, just confirming that humans were ever they go they need a sence of family.
      • Aug 3 2013: yes but it is also happening today in the us. 38% of the individuals between the ages of 21-30 are living with their parents due to economy.
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          Aug 4 2013: Wayne how do you see the future? if it was way to see it trough your eyes what would you see?
      • Aug 4 2013: I would say the future is 1 and 2 with 3 fading away for the majority of families. 1 to save money where the parent or parents are earning very little and 2 because of the economy, people have to go where the jobs are.

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