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Feminism vs. Traditionalism- The Good, The Bad, and The Consequences.

Has the fem movement created a negative or positive benefit for human beings as a whole?

Oh, this one is hot, but I'm going to pick it up anyway. I am a woman, and I believe in equal rights and opportunity for all people, regardless of gender. I am also what you call a "kept woman", and I use that term because of the negative stigma now attached to women who do not work, raise children and keep the house. After the feminist revolution, society's gave a smile to the working woman and rolled eyes at the traditional. In the meantime, it's children were being raised by money-motivated nannies and dirty daycares- bringing up a culture of breakfast club teenagers and now confused, attention-splattered youth in desperate search for meaning in an otherwise profit-focused world.

The debate: do the benefits of the career woman outweigh the negativity of missing parents?

Duel it out my fellow Tedsters.


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    Aug 3 2013: Hi Mandy.
    We all have different views, all I can do is offer mine. I am 62, so have lived through most of this stuff.
    When we decided to have children, my wife and I were both on career paths. Having a family was soooo much more important than any career. I was an engineer, my wife a radiographer, and I lost the argument. She got to stay at home and bring up the children. I was really jealous, I would have preferred to stay at home, but someone had to earn.
    As the children got older Joan did agency work from home, then after 15 years or so resumed her career. We never resorted to sitters, crèche's, etc. Our son & daughter turned out ok, but are struggling a bit to find partners with the same values. We have also been blessed with a second daughter, a young lady in her early thirties who longed for a family base like we have. Feminism ? Yes it was there, but had zero effect on us. I believe they shot themselves in the foot. Perhaps men have brought it about by their superior attitudes, I can't say. Personally, I cherish the women in my family, they enhance my life, and I wouldn't trade them for the world. That's my tuppence worth.

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      Aug 5 2013: Thank you for sharing your story Peter!!!

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