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Computer assistance in contacting persons from other countries to initiate friendly conversations

I am old enough to remember :Pen Palls" in the 1950's. E-mail should be so much easier but I do not know how to initiate such conversations. I know no one in the various countries around the world and I am quite ignorant about the technology. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Jul 31 2013: Contributing to TED is like having pen pals.

    Once you stay around a while you might make a few friends, and use the TED email to write privately to your TED friends.

    Whatever topic you feel would make a friendly conversation, just post it on TED (as an idea, question, or debate), and you will get participation from different members around the world.
  • Aug 3 2013: Social sites are another way to meet folks from around the world.
    Example: If you like photography- there are many social sites devoted to this & attract scores of folks from all over the globe, & share not only their photos but also have wonderful chats with the other members about all sorts of things.
    Just use your search engine & look up social sites!
    • Aug 5 2013: Thank you gale. I have assumed that social sites were more of ahigh school-college level thing and that I would have little to offer. I try to follow my various children, neices and nephews as a "family thing" just to assure myself of their continued existance. I cannot honestly reply to their posting re music. games etc. Maybe there are other sites which would be more in line with my life status etc.
      • Aug 5 2013: I am 68 yrs. old and am on several social sites and the folks on them are from around the world and most folks are at, near, or my age.
        Being on these type of sites is wonderful cause you learn about the culture of each area.
        What type of things are you interested in?