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Design solar cloth dryer

I believe solar cloth dryer (SCD) is equally important for saving electrical energy if not more in developed countries. Look how hot it is now outside, but all of us are still using electrical cloth dryers, double waste of energy (releasing heat to the house). Could SCD work like a rotating cage (net like) operating outside? so there is no hassle for using a large space or taking time to hang cloth.


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    Aug 3 2013: Wondered why cloth dryers sells in Middle East ?
    • Aug 3 2013: Hi Salim, I don't quite understand what you mean.
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        Aug 3 2013: I saw people using electric cloth dryers in Middle East when they have plenty hot sun light to do the job, as you mentioned even having hot sunny weather outside people use electric dryer in developed world ( not sure which countries you meant ).
        So was trying to understand what kind of motive is there behind that consumer behavior .
        Sorry for being vague .
        • Aug 3 2013: Thanks for explaining it. I still believe convenience is the main motif as long as people can afford it. If outdoor Sun cloth dryer is basically the same as indoor, except taking it out needs a bit more work and it drys slower, then more people might want to use it.

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