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Design solar cloth dryer

I believe solar cloth dryer (SCD) is equally important for saving electrical energy if not more in developed countries. Look how hot it is now outside, but all of us are still using electrical cloth dryers, double waste of energy (releasing heat to the house). Could SCD work like a rotating cage (net like) operating outside? so there is no hassle for using a large space or taking time to hang cloth.


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    Aug 1 2013: The military has used net bags for years. They keep the laundry separated. They are good for washing and drying. They serve as soiled laundry receptacles. They are lightweight, transportable, and durable. They are easily marked by a tag. They collapse ionto a very small space when not in use. They are sanitary. So, however your design develops hold-on to the idea of net bags! Also remember moving parts mean reduced reliability. Build a prototype ASAP! Go get'em!

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