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Design solar cloth dryer

I believe solar cloth dryer (SCD) is equally important for saving electrical energy if not more in developed countries. Look how hot it is now outside, but all of us are still using electrical cloth dryers, double waste of energy (releasing heat to the house). Could SCD work like a rotating cage (net like) operating outside? so there is no hassle for using a large space or taking time to hang cloth.

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    Aug 1 2013: The military has used net bags for years. They keep the laundry separated. They are good for washing and drying. They serve as soiled laundry receptacles. They are lightweight, transportable, and durable. They are easily marked by a tag. They collapse ionto a very small space when not in use. They are sanitary. So, however your design develops hold-on to the idea of net bags! Also remember moving parts mean reduced reliability. Build a prototype ASAP! Go get'em!
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    Jul 31 2013: I've already invented a solar clothe dryer. I attached a string between between two poles and, 'viola!', when I hang my clothes on it, the sun does the drying, and there's even a bit of static electricity generated.
    • Aug 1 2013: Good for yourself and those who have space or don't mind using the old way. Would it be nice to invent a method that is as convenient as current indoor dryers?
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      Aug 1 2013: i would also refer to this picture
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      Aug 1 2013: Good job Daniel! You are SOOOOO clever! LOL
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        Aug 1 2013: Thank you. Not clever enough, however. I should have patented my idea for this 'solar-powered clothe-line' because I'm already seeing them everywhere in people's backwards or between apartment buildings. Alas, I will simply consider it yet another of my many gifts to society.
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        Aug 1 2013: @ Krisztian. You're a genius! Quick, get a patent before it's too late. I'm putting one in right now for a solar-powered greenhouse. It's going to revolutionize the way plants are grown in buildings made almost entirely of glass by covering the glass ceilings and installing rows of shade-creating solar panels that will charge rows of fluorescent lights which will hang and beneath the solar panels and provide all the plants with harsh lighting and a monotonous buzzing sound.
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    Aug 3 2013: Wondered why cloth dryers sells in Middle East ?
    • Aug 3 2013: Hi Salim, I don't quite understand what you mean.
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        Aug 3 2013: I saw people using electric cloth dryers in Middle East when they have plenty hot sun light to do the job, as you mentioned even having hot sunny weather outside people use electric dryer in developed world ( not sure which countries you meant ).
        So was trying to understand what kind of motive is there behind that consumer behavior .
        Sorry for being vague .
        • Aug 3 2013: Thanks for explaining it. I still believe convenience is the main motif as long as people can afford it. If outdoor Sun cloth dryer is basically the same as indoor, except taking it out needs a bit more work and it drys slower, then more people might want to use it.
  • Aug 1 2013: I concur with most previous posting about hanging clothes to dry on a line under the sun, or in a cloudy warm day. Since I have been a technician in a paper manifacturer, I could also imaging that you could even dry and press the washed clothes by running them through 2 or 3 rotating cylinders one above another, so that you could dry and press them at the same time. This is usually done by some dry cleaners (store) in batch mode too. A small scale machine can be made that the cylinders can be heated by hot water or steam, heated by the sun/solar panels, flowing through the rotating cylinders which could be driven by a pair of foot pedals similar to an old fashioned sewing machine.
    For some clothes items, you can also wrap them on a round top or a cone head heated by the hot water by the solar energy to dry them. This is much less time/space consuming when the water is preheated by the sun and ready for use almost at any time. In other word, with some engineering design, you could batch processing the dry-and-press procedure similar to press a single half wet clothes one at a time.
  • Aug 1 2013: Thank you Alberto. We are here for the same goal ---- reducing the dependence of electricity. So we may understand it more through communication. Actually, I just put my cloth on the concrete floor outside (with a sheet) for the entire summer. They dry in about 2 hours, that's just for my own convenience. I believe there are many ways to do it. We are just trying to share ideas here and hopefully someone who are good at designing would invent a nice solar dryer model that would attract more people to use it :)))) . Your box model is certainly one of those.
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    Aug 1 2013: Freshi Mind,
    All of us are NOT using electric dryers my friend. Many of us have been using "solar dryers" our whole life, and it's called hanging the cloths out in the sun to dry! I LOVE the process of hanging cloths in the sun and fresh air, and after 60+ years of doing so, I still LOVE the fresh smell and feel of line dried cloths:>)

    In the winter, I hang cloths on a wooden rack in the house, where they can dry from the wood heat as I stoke the wood burning stove....rather than freezing my fingers trying to hang them outside:>)

    Your concern seems to be space and convenience? Clothes drying racks do not take up very much space, and are very convenient:>)
    • Aug 1 2013: Thank you Colleen for doing it and your comments. I guess everyone knows that Sun is a nice furnace and hanging cloth in the Sun can be dried. How many of us are doing it? why or why not?
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        Aug 1 2013: Yes indeed Freshi, a lot of people know that the sun is a good cloth drier.

        I don't know for sure how many are "doing it" Freshi, but there are quite a few of us based on the number of clothes-lines I see everywhere. It is a choice freshi....I'm sure you know that:>)
        • Aug 1 2013: Sure, I'm glad it works for you. One way is always good for part of people. I like it too. Perhaps we can invent something that attract different group of people :))
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        Aug 1 2013: Well, Freshi, you can certainly invent something else. I am content with hanging clothes on the line to dry in the fresh air and sun:>)
        • Aug 1 2013: We have to think of what moved us to go from old way to new way (dryer). Now moving backwards is always harder unless people have to. Right? need some creativity.
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        Aug 1 2013: Freshi,
        You are suggesting a "solar cloth dryer". That is not a new idea, and if you want to create something more, go to it!
        • Aug 1 2013: What I meant is a similar kind of physical equipment as people use indoor right now, called washer and dryer. The difference is that the heat comes from Sun not from electricity. If not new, where did you see it?
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        Aug 1 2013: I think I understand your meaning and intention Freshi, and I am saying, that using the sun for drying clothes is not a new idea.

        I repeat....if you want to create something more, go to it!

        EDIT regarding comment below:
        Again Freshi, I do not perceive drying clothes in the sun as a new idea. Any equipment that may be invented to facilitate drying clothes in the sun in another way, would be considered new.
        You are welcome:>)
        • Aug 1 2013: hehe, depending on what you mean by NEW. Any equipment that most people haven't seen it can be called NEW to me, but not hanging cloth on the strings/poles though :))

          It's okay that you don't think this is not new.

          I wish someday they are smart people inventing this kind of convenient and self contained dryers, saving energy, time, money, and space, so I could be one of the consumers. This wouldn't bother who want to use string/pole to hang cloth.

          Thank you for the discussion.
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    Aug 1 2013: if you like add more time to your conversation, click "edit," right now you have 17 hours.
  • Jul 31 2013: Alberto, sound pretty cool. Do you have a photo of it?