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Design solar cloth dryer

I believe solar cloth dryer (SCD) is equally important for saving electrical energy if not more in developed countries. Look how hot it is now outside, but all of us are still using electrical cloth dryers, double waste of energy (releasing heat to the house). Could SCD work like a rotating cage (net like) operating outside? so there is no hassle for using a large space or taking time to hang cloth.


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  • Aug 1 2013: Thank you Alberto. We are here for the same goal ---- reducing the dependence of electricity. So we may understand it more through communication. Actually, I just put my cloth on the concrete floor outside (with a sheet) for the entire summer. They dry in about 2 hours, that's just for my own convenience. I believe there are many ways to do it. We are just trying to share ideas here and hopefully someone who are good at designing would invent a nice solar dryer model that would attract more people to use it :)))) . Your box model is certainly one of those.

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