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What is the Public perception on the role of the modern nurse?

Nurses roles and our scope of practice has been dramatically changing in terms of modern nursing. We have many different registration levels and standards. We as the nurse have an idea of how we think our patients perceive us, but is this actually the way people feel about the care they have received? Especially to those of an older generation, have you seen a change in the care provided by nursing staff in your lifetime? And what role do you think the nurse plays within the health care team? Where do you think the nurses job ends and where for example the doctors job begins. Now I don't want to give away too much information because I wish to know what your personal perceptions are!

I am from Australia so my understandings are based on our system of care and on how things work here. But I am also very interested to here any experiences about care in other countries. Similar changes have been experienced in most developed areas in relation to nursing.


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  • Aug 3 2013: I have had been unfortunate enough to require hospitalisation a few times in the last few years through unrelated instances. I have been fortunate enough to be cared for by the most diligent, mindful, empathetic and reassuring medical staff, but equally I have had experience of those for whom it seems they are not aware of the importance of basic care or empathy with regards to patients.

    The cause of this can be due to a whole number of different influences and combinations there of. The level at which an individual takes their role on, be it environmental (I am X because I need to be for a job/income) or all the way through to identity (I do X because it is an honest expression of my truest self) can potentially be a dramatic influence on the level of diligence given to the role.

    The level to which the ethos at the heart of any organisation is a true representation of the culture ie the values which those predominately that form that culture, are reflected in the ethos whole heartily. There is also a requirement that this ethos is clearly seen in the most simple of tasks. As soon as a level of task, which is in actuality contributing to the implementation of the ethos, is not seen as having a level of complexity as to be indicative of the higher value elements of the ethos, people can be dismissive of those tasks and what should be the foundation of a culture to achieve the ethos, can be view as not having relevance. It is the responsibility of everyone, especially those specifically charged with implementing the strategic level so fth ethos, to recognise the value of all tasks in their contribution.

    With Genuine Interest


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