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Do you believe in one love of your life?

Is there really only one love of your life?
is there really such a thing as finding 'the one'?
Is there really just one special, magical, perfect soul mate? Or do we perhaps get a few kicks at the old soul mate can?

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    Aug 16 2013: Hi Mohammad,

    My story Charismatic Connection is about Chris and I who recognized each other at the deepest level. However,our personalities were in pretty bad shape. Chris was a very close soul mate of mine. Chris died 12 years ago, it has taken me years to ready myself for another encounter with an eternal loved one. Feel free to grab a copy of Charismatic Connection www.amazon.com/dp/1478397691/ . I would like to know would you think of my unique experience.
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      Aug 18 2013: Dear Serene
      I was impressed by the fact that you are a successful writer, thank you for asking me to have comment on your book,I will buy and read your book as soon as possible.
      Best Regards
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        Aug 18 2013: Thank you Mohammad!

        My goal is to keep the conversation going...Please stay in touch.

        Warm Regards,


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