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Do you believe in one love of your life?

Is there really only one love of your life?
is there really such a thing as finding 'the one'?
Is there really just one special, magical, perfect soul mate? Or do we perhaps get a few kicks at the old soul mate can?

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    Aug 4 2013: i think it does'nt related to believe or don't. it depends on the situation. maybe you and your love, loving each other till end of your life or you divorce after 6 months and you be in love with another , but i think that when people get married they think that they have only one love and that person is their wife or husband but after a while everything can be changed.
    i dont think there is a lost love for one person or sth like this but when people are in love with sb they say "she is my lost half "and ... they create these stories.
    you can't decide before weeding or before falling in love that she or he is your only love forever ,or not ,

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