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The colonization of Mars vs. solving the problems at home

I am a space advocate and sci fi junkie. I look at the night sky like a teenage boy peeks at Playboy. The curiosity and wonder within me burns as red as that elusive rocky world next door.... And now, in this glorious age of technology, the dreams of Kim Stanley Robinson and geeks world round is finally becomming a reality. The colonization of Mars is just around the corner, and although many are thrilled, some are hesitant and even sour about the prospect. An argument aganist a human-occupied Mars is based on the belief that Earth has far too many problems, that are far more urgent and necessary to address, then the satisfication of curious scientists and hopeful investors. So, what do you think? Shall humanity step beyond our watery world and onto a rusty alien desert, or should we focus our efforts on Earth and find solutions to our dire issues before considering such a endeavor?


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  • Aug 13 2013: I propose three ideas forgive me for my ADD thinking. But I envision a world where human beings actually covered the four corners of the earth not just aboveground or below ground underwater but all and eventually overcome most the known universe? I know mankind is at a precipice of its future or it's destruction where technology strives hand-in-hand with our ingenuity and imagination! Some people may ask when have we overstepped our own bounds, but if you ask me there's no bounds or limitations just drive on and create new ways and adapt and build. kind of sounds like the thinking of a virus or disease but they are hardest to kill? With ability to adapt. I know people are going to live on mars in mars-one people have lived on the space station for 11 years or so but what a bout right here on earth in are very own oceans I know we stay on summering's but what about permanence A underwater city with a clear doom and under water vehicles that go from land to sea easily so it is like going to any big city that is my vision my dream

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