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The colonization of Mars vs. solving the problems at home

I am a space advocate and sci fi junkie. I look at the night sky like a teenage boy peeks at Playboy. The curiosity and wonder within me burns as red as that elusive rocky world next door.... And now, in this glorious age of technology, the dreams of Kim Stanley Robinson and geeks world round is finally becomming a reality. The colonization of Mars is just around the corner, and although many are thrilled, some are hesitant and even sour about the prospect. An argument aganist a human-occupied Mars is based on the belief that Earth has far too many problems, that are far more urgent and necessary to address, then the satisfication of curious scientists and hopeful investors. So, what do you think? Shall humanity step beyond our watery world and onto a rusty alien desert, or should we focus our efforts on Earth and find solutions to our dire issues before considering such a endeavor?


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  • Aug 8 2013: This is my first comment on TED and the first article I read. That being said I truly believe if we, either as a species or even as an individual country set the lofty goal of colonizing Mars the resulting push would not only benefit mankind on Mars and then eventually, beyond, but here on Earth.
    When we set a goal such as the Moon or Mars we inspire not only those already in the space industry but many people who now want to do "their part". To colonize Mars you don't just need to get the colonists there, you need to get shelter, an atmospheric system and a way to eat and drink there also. In finding a way to build a shelter that can sustain life on Mars we could discover how to help build a shelter system to help those in arid lands. Our need for food and water can help those where farming has failed or could be more productive.
    A young mind, inspired by the colony may become interested in science. They could go to school and while there, decide that they want to be a medical doctor, and agriculturist or many other fields that don't have to deal specifically with space exploration but that is what got them going. That young mind could discover the cure for AIDS.

    This type of endeavor doesn't exist in a bubble, but it permeates throughout society.It is not just a journey to Mars, it is a journey for knowledge and advancement.

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