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Is it possible to master (and discover) all the knowledge in the Universe? (Please read the description!)

When I was younger I used to contemplate this for quite a while. When I was younger part of me wished to master (and discover) all the knowledge in the Universe. Yet I came upon two problems (as an individual) :
The First is my limited lifespan, so I would die before this was achievable. Unless I could lengthen my lifespan, however this seemed implausible and immoral. So this comes to my question of "How many lifetimes would it take to master all the knowledge in the universe?"
The Second problem is due to the limiting factors such as "Intelligence". Genes determine a lot to do with Intelligence, because unfortunately we are not "Blank Slates". So due to this I have a limit in my Cognitive abilities, which would make it difficult to store all the information and learn it in the first place. This comes to my second question : " Is it even possible?"
Thirdly, after I realized it was impossible (or at least very unlikely) for an individual to try and gain all the knowledge in the universe, I viewed that we would have to achieve this masterpiece collectively. So this brings me to my last question : "Can Humanity Succeed?" Succeed at what? Succeed at gaining all the knowledge in the universe. Even the "Unknown Unknown". So Nothing is unknown to Humanity. We would have finally become equal to the Gods.

  • Aug 1 2013: We already have knowledge of all things.
    It is simply a case of remembering.

    Life is nothing more than
    experiencing everything we knew,
    but never had to go through.
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    Aug 1 2013: Since you're interested in psychology, you might start with knowledge of what each person in the world is thinking, and why. There are only 7 billion of us. If you process four persons per minute (10 second interview & 5 seconds in transit), and neither you nor your victims sleep, you can cover more than 2 million people per year, and it will only take you 3330 years to learn about all of Earth's inhabitants. (That's not counting the 80 million people we're adding annually...)

    You can start with me since I'm here, so I'll tell you what I'm thinking. I'm thinking I hope you're just kidding, or we might have to lock you up when you go mad.

    Youth is a great time. I remember it well. I was going to change the world. That's been just as frustrating as your project would be. Be content with learning a little, but understanding a lot. That's more important.