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Equality versus Meritocracy. Which Wins?

I have been having this debate in my Head for quite a while now, and I can't decide. Which is more important? Both are in conflict to a certain extent on various issues, like "Education" for example.
It could help to watch this TED talk :
- Jonathan Haidt: The moral roots of liberals and conservatives.
I ask this because many politicians talk about "Fairness" they usually mean many different things. Roughly speaking when Liberals talk about "Fairness" they typically mean "Equality". While when Conservatives talk about "Fairness" they typically mean "Meritocracy".
So which one is more important to you? (Or in other words, What do you mean when you say "Fairness"?)


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    Aug 28 2013: .

    Both are for the same purpose of "symbiosis".
    Thus, humans can survive.

    "Equality" is the base.
    "Meritocracy" is the improvement.
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      Aug 28 2013: W. Ling, if you don't mind me saying, it seems to me the most important things to you are what make humans either survive (and possibly reproduce) and be happy. Is this correct?
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        Aug 29 2013: . .

        “Survive” and “happy” are the same thing to me.
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          Aug 29 2013: I disagree, considering you can be in severe danger yet be happy.
          To give a thought experiment, people can be (sadisticky and ecstatically) happy during war yet in constant danger. Or someone can be very sad yet have their survival and genetic offspring completely secured.
          I'm interested to see how you would respond! :-)
          Kind regards,

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