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Equality versus Meritocracy. Which Wins?

I have been having this debate in my Head for quite a while now, and I can't decide. Which is more important? Both are in conflict to a certain extent on various issues, like "Education" for example.
It could help to watch this TED talk :
- Jonathan Haidt: The moral roots of liberals and conservatives.
I ask this because many politicians talk about "Fairness" they usually mean many different things. Roughly speaking when Liberals talk about "Fairness" they typically mean "Equality". While when Conservatives talk about "Fairness" they typically mean "Meritocracy".
So which one is more important to you? (Or in other words, What do you mean when you say "Fairness"?)


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    Jul 31 2013: Bernie, good topic...

    When politicians talk.... the old joke is if you see a politician's lips moving, he is BSing, lying, exaggerating, fill in your own descriptive adjective.
    OK Terms,
    Fairness means.... what is fair to me or what I think is fair for you.
    Equality is a math term, if there was equality in people, I'd look like Roger Moore
    Meritocracy.... Harry Truman correctly noted that the US Federal Government is run by "C" students.
    In spite of Haidt's talk, Liberal and Conservative politicians have no moral roots. You want morality, go to a church.
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      Jul 31 2013: Check, check, check, check. Yup this looks about right to me.
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      Aug 1 2013: Nice to see you again Mike Colera! :D
      Still sceptical of this line of reasoning ("You want morality, go to a church.").
      Otherwise I mostly agree. Good answer.
      I couldn't help but think that "Fairness" to you is a bit like the "Golden Rule". Is this Correct?
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        Aug 1 2013: Hi Bernie
        OK, you want to split hairs, great that's what makes this fun...,
        Morality.... Look at your politicians and I'll look at mine.... see any morality? Like I said, go to church...at least there is a chance...
        The golden rule? that's moral.

        Political fairness? That's when a politician will do anything to get your vote, When he says, I want to be fair with you. He is saying I want your vote and I will kill your mother-in-law to get it,

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