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The other side of mental conditions: Can they have a positive side?

you think that "mental disorders" (such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc..), can help the creative plane or having these conditions its positives?. stop being bad eyesight and silent exclusion of these people by the society that believes "normal", "healthy mind" and that the obsession with freedom from disease when there is no cure yet, we should spend all that engia to learn to live with it, to be accepted and could do with it.


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  • Aug 3 2013: "Normal' is something that cannot be defined. It does not take a higher intellectual power to be better!

    In medicine, and in science, what you call a 'mental disoder' is still a very unexplored field. We try to define it as something that 'hampers daily life' but that definition is left wide for such a reason. how do you decide what a normal daily life is? something normal to you may seem very abnormal to me and vice versa. Its the same with mental disorders. a normal person lacking in some fields of life can be very good at other things. its the same with handicap. you may see a lot of negative things but, (read carefully and ruminate) at the same time since their brains work in a much different way than a 'normal' person's, they are free from all the biases and stigmas associated it and thus can think in ways that we cannot ever achieve. can this be a good trait? of course!!

    I leave you with a quote from a roommate while we were studying psychiatric disorders : man, I wish i had mania.

    is that a wrong statement? its subjective. but after studying mania for a good amount of time, I'd say :

    sometimes, I wish i had mania too.

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