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How would you describe China's startup culture & its social entrepreneurship landscape?

My work has provided me with firsthand insight into the social entrepreneurship landscape of India, as well as rising stars in Africa and South America. There is a wealth of information and resources available for those countries, but not the same breadth is available for China.

I am really curious to learn more about what the landscape is like in China: what is the startup scene like? And with regard to social enterprises, how has the landscape matured in recent years? What are the (common and singular) needs and challenges that startups and social enterprises are facing? What tools are they using to reach their customers?

If you could share any of your personal stories for insight, or point me in the direction of people you think I should speak to/resources I should study, I would greatly appreciate it!


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    Aug 3 2013: Even 3 years ago, non of Chinese people knows Social entrepreneur, nowdays, it's quite different. I will suggest you watch a TV show which had interview with some of chinese social entrepreneur´╝Ü(http://video.sina.com.cn/v/b/111369582-1798570034.html) Dialogue in the Dark in China; InterCultural Education, Shokay, fair trade.... there is more and more Social Entrepreneur are coming to China.... it's quite positive singal

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