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Do you believe in wisdom and inner guidance?

For me, wisdom isn't special; it is natural. Guidance isn't rare it is everywhere. Both wisdom and inner guidance is just about accepting. If you accept that your Self is Whole, worthy and well. Wisdom and inner guidance are yours, even if there is only a little bit of willingness; can bring untold amounts of wisdom. Just a thought.


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  • Jul 30 2013: In my view, wisdom is definitely not from "If you accept that your Self is Whole, worthy and well, then wisdom and inner gudanece are yours...." Because wisdom comes from good experience or good model,and is cultured, taught and guided by knowledge from historical models. Inner guidance can't be wise unless one has already acquired the proper wisdom.
    As a handy example, all the current "me first" generation in America believes that they are whole, worthy and well, but actually most of them are not quite as they believe in themselves. Therefore, we can't say that all of them are having wisdom and good inner guidance.
    Also, religious teaching is also trying to build inner guidance and enhance personal wisdom. But, of course, it isn't the only way to gain the wisdom or to improve the IG.
    In fact, one characteristics of the wisdom is unselfishness which contradicts the "confidence" of believing that one's self is whole, worthy and well. These chracteristics have to be recognized by the others in the community, rather than just by the people themselves.
    • Jul 30 2013: Bart, I appreciate your view point. However confidence is not self acceptance, from my view point. Wisdom comes from "me" accepting I am whole, I am worthy of love and All is well. When we are able to stop judging others and ourselves and move into acceptance, we are now able to open ourselves up to the greater possibilities in life coming from love, peace, unity and connection.

      For me, I don't feel my worth is determined by others. My worth does do not come from confidence or judgment, it comes from acceptance. Just a thought
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        Jul 31 2013: Why do you think accepting yourself as whole and worthy of love would necessarily make you wise?

        In your mind is being open to love, peace, and connection identical to wisdom?

        Why could someone without wisdom not also accept himself as whole and worthy of love? Why could someone without wisdom not be open to love and connection?

        Is everyone you know who accepts himself as whole and worthy of love wise about all things? Are only the wise people you know open to love and connection?

        I only want to encourage you to look a little more deeply into your claim by asking yourself why. I know you say it is just a thought, but that shouldn't preclude your examining your thought more deeply, I think, than you may have done.

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