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Do you believe in wisdom and inner guidance?

For me, wisdom isn't special; it is natural. Guidance isn't rare it is everywhere. Both wisdom and inner guidance is just about accepting. If you accept that your Self is Whole, worthy and well. Wisdom and inner guidance are yours, even if there is only a little bit of willingness; can bring untold amounts of wisdom. Just a thought.


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  • Jul 30 2013: Fritzie, I appreciate your response, for me wisdom is within, it is something that we all have access to, if we have the willingness to connect. I am not referring to confidence. Wisdom is natural and for most of us we tend to loose touch, we substitute knowledge for wisdom, and in my world they are they different. I hope I have conveyed my point a little bit more. Just a thought.
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      Jul 30 2013: I like Robert's response below. Wisdom involves understandings gained through experience. There are people who consider themselves whole, worthy, and well, in your words- who accept themselves absolutely- who may not make wise decisions or attain the "deep understanding and realization..." Robert describes.

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