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Positive Reinforcement

This is mostly for our justice system. The justice system here in America usually only punishes bad behavior. There is never reward for good behavior. So there is only negative reinforcement for the actions of typical humans. Why not develop some sort of point system that would provide positive reinforcement for good behavior?


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    Aug 3 2013: I am a board member for a local organization that deals with mental health patients. The CEO of the organization has clearly stated that it is cheaper to incarcerate than provide services to help mental health patients cope with their disability. Often money becomes the issue.

    We provide welfare, food stamps, and other services to those who fail to stay employed to keep them from becoming tomorrow's criminals. The cost to society in terms of hospitalization, therapy, emergency services, rehabilitation, and so forth would be staggering otherwise.

    As far as rewards for good behavior, it's called success. There is plenty of it going around.

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