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Positive Reinforcement

This is mostly for our justice system. The justice system here in America usually only punishes bad behavior. There is never reward for good behavior. So there is only negative reinforcement for the actions of typical humans. Why not develop some sort of point system that would provide positive reinforcement for good behavior?

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    Aug 1 2013: This is such a wonderful idea and I back you 100%.
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      Aug 1 2013: Thank seems that a lot of new ideas receive a lot of skepticism around here. This may just be a ground root, but at least its a general direction. Thanks again :)
  • Jul 31 2013: No the problem is depending on the government. Why should the government responsible for that? That is up to the people and self esteem. You already gain benefits from doing good. Why be greedy and want more? The standard is behaving well. One is expected to behave well. When they don't they're responsible for their actions.

    A society that heavily and positively reinforces good behavior, now that I am for.
  • Jul 30 2013: Looking good, dressing well, driving expensive cars, living in large comfortable homes,
    eating well and enjoying excellent medical coverage because you can afford it,
    not paying taxes because you have phenoms doing your returns and being close
    friends with those who travel in these kinds of circles of money and power,
    and publicly claiming a higher moral ground than the rest of society,
    is how one supposedly exhibits the rewards of good behavior while actually
    garnering the material things in life from bad (illegal) behavior.

    Thus, in a corrupt-by-default system, there are no rewards for good behavior unless it
    is being called a "model prisoner".

    And just how are "rewards for good behavior" going to change those who are corrupt at the top,
    have the power, finances and means to hide their real secrets, going to get them to shape up?

    They aren't. Not one bit.
    That's like believing workers want to be recognized for their contributions rather than being paid more when
    being paid more not only is recognition but a sorely needed commodity for the majority of people in the world,
    who already exhibit good behavior. They don't just dress the part because they can't afford it.
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    Aug 3 2013: I am a board member for a local organization that deals with mental health patients. The CEO of the organization has clearly stated that it is cheaper to incarcerate than provide services to help mental health patients cope with their disability. Often money becomes the issue.

    We provide welfare, food stamps, and other services to those who fail to stay employed to keep them from becoming tomorrow's criminals. The cost to society in terms of hospitalization, therapy, emergency services, rehabilitation, and so forth would be staggering otherwise.

    As far as rewards for good behavior, it's called success. There is plenty of it going around.
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    Aug 2 2013: An actual example of one form of your idea in practice: Years ago in Silicon Valley they tried a program based upon the Police stopping a car and awarding the driver a Good Driver Citation. It was a catastrophic failure. The unions didn't like the added responsibility (quota), and people don't like being pulled-over. It also adds to the "Big Brother Is Watching" problem.
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      Aug 2 2013: 1. The idea is not just based around being pulled over by the police. 2. Unions will cease to exist if people will get off their high horse. 3. "Big brother" is always watching, regardless of any situation.
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        Aug 2 2013: No rejection intended, just a real-world example offered as useful relevant information. So labor unions are the result of people being on high horses, and there is never a time when BB is not watching? Hmmm.
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          Aug 2 2013: yes high horses. It is sad that people have to hire delegates to get compensated fairly for their work. And if you use the internet BB is always watching. Plus you have the satellites and CCTV on the highways now. They may not be watching "you" day in and day out. I am thinking though that they just dont have all of those gadgets for nothing.
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        Aug 2 2013: RE: "yes high horses...". You consider 5 times the minimum hourly wage for performing a job which requires no, or very easily learned, skill to be "compensated fairly for their work"? On the Internet I realize BB watches for child porn traffic and certain sensitive words which can indicate terrorist activity, but are "they" monitoring this conversation? I doubt it. Here is a link if you want to fight BB:
  • Aug 2 2013: I am for it and isn't all state insurance giving good driver checks out? What about the other side of society that do bad behavior? For many, the action of robbery, murder, etc are positive reinforcement for them.
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    Aug 1 2013: I think it's a good idea if we are training dogs - or husbands...

    No in actuality I think the positive reinforcements are outlined in the constitution, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. if you transgress, that gets taken away.
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    Jul 31 2013: It can be implemented just like any other law. Write up a strategy and make a vote, get other advice so on and so on. What is more important economics or the fact that people everywhere, rich or poor, have nothing but an insatiable desire to do good things? Would the effect of all the goodness, naturally bring an economically sound community? Eventually, the system would delete itself as the human mind advanced.
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      Jul 31 2013: My first question was not answered. Which is fine. That one requires a lot more time than the average person ought to devote to such a thought.

      --"What is more important economics or the fact that people everywhere, rich or poor, have nothing but an insatiable desire to do good things?"
      Your idea is actually using fundamental economic theory in order to build up a society that has "nothing but an insatiable desire to do good things". So your question is really asking "is the result better than the method?"

      --"Would the effect of all the goodness, naturally bring an economically sound community?"
      Maybe, is the answer to that question. I have no knowledge of any study, or common knowledge that equates goodness to a sound economy. It would certainly make it easier, because people would be more willing to do their share in order to achieve the "goodness" they all irresistibly seek.

      -- "Eventually, the system would delete itself as the human mind advanced."
      This is a great assumption that our minds would evolve to be more naturally good, but it would take more than a "positive reinforcement program" to evolve the human mind in such a way.
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    Jul 31 2013: Answer these questions for me: "How can this be implemented?" "Will the potential social benefit outweigh the potential economic cost?"
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    Jul 31 2013: Everyone is expected to behave well that I can completely agree with. Lets say that you are perfect driver for 20 years and one day you speed a little, get pulled over, and the cops write you a ticket. That 20 years of good behavior should override that one ticket. Of course this would not be the case for major offenders or violence. I only see an actual response when something negative is involved. Its not about wanting more "things" or getting more money, but a sense of appreciation. Its not up to the government to appreciate the good people, but its up to them to punish the bad?
  • Jul 30 2013: Good point positive reenforcement can - in fact, is part of operant conditioning.
  • Jul 30 2013: Hi Dear Joshua Bowles:).From my observation,the phenomenon in United Sates is quite good,it means being good as casual daily life thing,being bad is harsh among the society to be punished.I thnk it is better than emphasize positive reinforcement for good behavior.Because It would caused people for reward to be good.Could you imagine how bad is it?
  • Jul 30 2013: Hello, Joshua. positive reinforcements such as verbal praise or affection are effective for children whose are very young. And It can applied to adults as well. Mostly, bad affairs and negative things are likely to spread more faster than positive one. To overcome this vicious cycle, one might remind him/herself of self image:)
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