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Is being over weight a moral failure?

Morality is the rule to maintain our symbiosis for survival.
"Over weight" weakens the symbiosis.
So, it is a "moral failure"

Tell me , what do you think?


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    Jul 29 2013: Most causes of obesity are rooted in mental disorders, the rest are caused by physiological disorders. It's exactly the same as with smoking, drinking, or other chemical abuses.

    I thought we were well past the point of blaming blaming victims of health disorders for being "bad." Are victims of Depression just morally weak? Victims of Tourette Syndrome just need to control themselves? What about victims of Schizophrenia or Bipolar disorder? They're just need a swift kick in the butt, right? Shame on anyone (invariably thin, of course) who still thinks of obesity as a moral weakness.
    • Jul 30 2013: in a sense obesity is a moral weakness. i dont think it should be classes the same as any mental illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar where it is out of the individuals control. obesity is in the individuals control, it is them who puts too much foo into their mouths no one else, i would like to refrain from saying moral failure as many people have highlighted whatmorality actually is , i guess i could restate my claims and say obesity is for the weak willed instead
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        Jul 30 2013: So gay people are making a choice to be gay, is that it? They just make a choice? And that there are no such thing as behavioral disorders? Having both obesity and bipolar disorder, I can tell you that you are wrong.

        I can also tell you that you are a non-smoking, non-drinking, straight, thin person. Hopefully you'll learn more empathy for those who are different from you.
        • Aug 1 2013: People are born gay, people are not born with weight issues (in some cases yes as this can come from genetics). People who are gay cannot help who they are - Over weight people can.

          While you say that obesity can come from mental disorders or physiology , an additional point can come from this. Mental disorders = only some people have Whereas the physiology of humans = everybody has inherited.

          When you said' physiology disorders' i believe you were pertaining to the problems that come with our basic physiology as human beings.. Problems such as that deep rooted want/ need for sugars and fats and so on that is hardwired in our brain from hundreds and thousand of years of evolution etc. its a basic survival mechanism we all inherit to survive. It is now in our society where food sources are no longer scarce and food is of plenty we have to now fight back the urges our deeply inherited ancestral physiology to be able sustain a healthy and happy life. To me , this is morality- fighting back greed and gluttony and letting our will power flourish.

          ultimately ,most people the 'majority' will all have troubles trying to maintain a healthy weight. i write this as you imply through your writings that obesity is no ones fault and it all stems back to 'mental disorders' or 'physiological disorders' This is just absurd.

          To add my homeland of New Zealand coming in a close second with the highest , with many of my family members having passed away from the health problems associated with obesity. This is is not a foreign concept to me as you think.

          I am thin because i work hard and go to the gym. i do drink and smoke on occasion i am no angel nor am i the apathetic girl who fails to empathise with other
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        Aug 1 2013: Your logic is flawed, Natalia. You say fat people have no excuse because they can choose not to eat. Can't gay people choose not to have sex? So they don't have to be gay, right?
        • Aug 2 2013: no, i think you dont understand my logic.
          the way you use try to draw similarities to gays and obese people is false when being gay is innate whereas being overweight isnt(in some cases) BIIIIG difference.

          i am saying that being overweight is in our control(in some cases) ! we can choose wether or not they want to be overweight or slim though diet and exercise. gay people cannot choose wether they want to be gay or not , they are born this way! people are not born overweight. do you understand?

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