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Is being over weight a moral failure?

Morality is the rule to maintain our symbiosis for survival.
"Over weight" weakens the symbiosis.
So, it is a "moral failure"

Tell me , what do you think?


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    Jul 30 2013: Is maintaining appropriate body weight a moral victory?
    • Jul 30 2013: i dont know, is it?
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        Jul 30 2013: It is not immoral to exceed the maximum government recommended body weight for one's height and body type. It is not what goes in the mouth that corrupts, but what comes out. Morality is about how we deal with one another. As a fat guy I can be just as compassionate, generous, and dedicated to helping others as an ABW (Appropriate Body Weight). There is no connection. Never the twain shall meet!
        • Jul 30 2013: point taken, although if you read my top comment im more so getting at the people who are so morbidly obese they can no longer cater for themselves. i do very much agree with you though
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        Jul 30 2013: RE: " point taken." . I was captivated by the punch of your bold face headline. I responded to that while only scanning your amplifying remarks. May I suggest you include all essential information in the bold face headline because folks do not always read the complete text, nor should they be expected to, especially when they are lengthy. Thanks for a crisp and relevant question!
        • Jul 30 2013: haha fair enough, it is a pretty bold statment. i like your writing style by the way, packs very much flare and style.
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          Aug 1 2013: I second, edward long's suggestion. Good topic, though. I'm reading some interesting things the further I scroll down.

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