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What is the story of your personal mission?

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What is the story of your personal mission? It could be small or big. Fully, partially successful or not at all successful. It could be things like restorating your dream car, building a house, finding your past, quitting a job to do something else. Doesn't matter how ridiculous and unimportant it seems to others as long its important to you.

Would love to hear your Story's?

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  • Jul 31 2013: I have several missions.
    1) To do what I need to do to see that my family survives and thrives,and to be as good a husband and father as my wife is a wife and mother.
    2) To see that the next generation of design engineers has available to them the collective design wisdom of prior generations, the opportunity to receive structured mentoring and career development, and to have the opportunity to practice in both the PUBLIC and private sectors as true design engineers.
    3) To see that my perspective on how to balance a non-religious driven life, governed by a personal philosphy largely driven by application of the Scout laws (trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent) and Golden rule makes it to the next generation.
    4) To do my part in keeping my country strong and its people safe from harm's way.
    5) To read every book I own.
    6) To use all my tools, toys, sporting equipment and appliances until they either stop working, break or get lost.
    7) To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.
    8) To help those in need at all times. Answering TED questions is one small way of achieving this purpose.
    9) To become as independent of others and self-reliant as possible relative to my needs and wants in life.
    10) To become a better golfer by constant practice on as many different golf courses as possible.
    11) To finish the book I have started and write another.
    12) To enjoy the journey of life.
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      Jul 31 2013: I like the Boy Scout values you added. I'm got my Eagle Scout over sixteen years ago and I hardly ever think back to those things. I definitely would have had all four corners of my Totin' Chip torn off by now.

      I just committed the twenty-precepts of the Dokkodo to memory even though I'm not sure I agree with or understand all of them, I like that I know them so that they come to mind and provide a useful reminder or make me try and think about something in a different light.ōdō

      I'm going to have to see if I can remember the twelve scout laws after I close this web page and try thinking about them as I go about my day. I like 'Thrifty' best. I honestly do. Scouts honor.
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    Aug 1 2013: My current mission (as a 19-year old boy) is to figure out my mission. My mission changes as I change, and I balance several missions at a time. Currently I'm trying to become a successful longboarder, but I also practice poetry and activism.

    I definitely see small overlaps in between my missions though.
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    Aug 1 2013: Dude, you need to go put that last paragraph to good use in:

    I was saying something about people always trying to take power in my own comments, but yours sounds much more convincing.

    I'll check out tomorrow morning. Is it prejudiced of me if I admit I thought that all Canadians were a happy-go-lucky folk that lived off the fruit of the gullible tree? JK
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    Jul 31 2013: I'm not on a mission. Mission isn't the right word choice. In fact, if you look it up in the dictionary, its all the way down at part 4c of the definition.

    "4c : a preestablished and often self-imposed objective or purpose

    I'm surprised that everyone is making lists. I was assuming you meant personal mission, like a mission statement, like companies make, that are three to four sentences long, which is where the challenge lies in writing a mission statement.
  • Jul 31 2013: 1. support my family and friends in any way i can
    2. do my best on all tasks and try to fulfill all my commitments
    3. keep learning
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      Jul 31 2013: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”--Mahatma Ghandi
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    Jul 30 2013: My personal mission is to educate people about organizational psychopathy and expose the rampant pathological skepticism affecting mainstream "skeptic" groups.
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      Jul 31 2013: Dude, shoot me an e-mail through TED about that and I'll listen, sounds interesting. Not sure what you're idea of skepticism is, because it sure isn't what I thought it was. Organizational psychopathy sounds interesting.
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        Aug 1 2013: Check out to find out what skepticism is and what it is not.

        Organizational psychopathy deals with what happens to psychopaths when they enter organizations. The evidence shows that they rise up quickly through the ranks. It shows that the higher a person is in any power hierarchy the more likely he will be a psychopath. (See the books "Snakes in Suits" and "Corporate Psychopaths" for the research.) This logically implies that psychopaths will tend to occupy the positions of greatest power in the world. That is the world is probably run by psychopaths.
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    Jul 29 2013: I have been what is called a “jack of all trades, master on none” and as such my personal missions have been varied and many.

    *I love to BBQ/outdoor grilling and smoking but I’m by no means a master griller, but yet I’m on a mission to be better at it. Currently I make a great beer can turkey, and I’m adding Scandinavian cooking into my cooking.
    *I’m no master at it, but I love digging into my ancestry and have learned much about myself during the mission. (Ancestry research has been great mental exercise, history lessons, and leaded me to Scandinavian cooking, original American values, the nine Noble Virtues, and more.)
    *I’m a jack of gardening and my gardening mission is to turn 5 acres of grass field into a low-maintenance garden that will outlast me.
    *I was Dx. with a health issue 11 years ago, and that lead to define 3 rules being charitable.
    1 Do your best to need as little as possible.
    2. Do your best to be sure you will never need it.
    3. Give to those that desire but need help to live by the three rules.
    (Currently I’m Progressing through rule 2.)
    *I have been on a mission to look inward and find the meaning of life, and it is now evolving into a mission to add meaning to life. I now understand the meaning of life, but I also understand each of us must go through our own experiences and find it ourselves. Much like you can’t learn to swim by reading how to swing in a book.
    *Dream missions I have yet to start are to turn a 113yr. old barn into a house, turn a old chicken coop into a master BBQ station, and build a dream work shop for I’m also a jack of carpentry and inventing.

    (I’m just now starting a new path to try to use convergent-thinking to unit them into something greater than the sum of the parts.) How the world will I be able to combine this varied missions into one grand mission, I don’t know yet. But it is not only my newest but seems to be the best mission so far.