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Do you support TED.com selling?

This will be my only conversation on TED.com

What I find, honestly, is appalling, in that certain comments are being systematically deleted, not only in these conversations, but also in the main TED video page.

It seems only too apparent, that if a "Paid Sponsor" be it a company or individual does not like what you say, it gets deleted.

The comment(s) are not necessarily offensive, those comments may put forward that TED is just "selling" space to "Paid Sponsor" for whatever product. Or indicating to others this is clearly a ""Paid Sponsor" video. Or comments may put forward that there are other alternatives to the "Paid Sponsor" product, either way if the "Paid Sponsor" is not happy your comment is gone.

I don't approve of TED.com shilling products and just becoming a PR machine for some. I certainly don't like that unless you seeming fawn over the "Paid Sponsor" your inline for deletion.

Too often you only have to look at the bio and see that there is a new book, or dvd, or a range of products or services on offer.

One of the strengths of TED.COM is that there is a variety of people, with widely divergent views, regions, beliefs and understanding, sure there are times things get heated, but sometimes in that heat can come a realization of a perspective that you've never seen nor hear before.

Deleting comments only serves alienate, and it ignores what made TED.com great - us. It effectively marginalizes us to be secondary conduit messengers for "Paid Sponsors" as seen on - TED.com.

In protest I will not be supporting TED.COM any more, by deleting my account, will my leaving make any difference, probably no. But then again, if you never take a stand, then you stand for nothing.

Will informing you of this product placement etc make a difference, I hope yes.

And strangely enough, that I believe...is an idea worth sharing.

PS With no account obviously wont be seeing or replying to any of your comments, nor flagging any of them, so post what you will.


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    Aug 5 2013: I am not well informed on the situation at hand here so I can't comment on something without having enough knowledge on it.

    BUT can I just say, Tify you are awesome. Just throwing it out there that I like Tify's point on standing up for what you believe in despite of the measure of it's effect. I respect the guts!
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      Aug 8 2013: Yes, and let's admire TED for allowing this conversation to happen as well.

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