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Why is it OK for corporations to outsource work to countries that violate the corporation's home country labor laws?

Prime Example: Nike and Apple. Paying about 15 bucks a day to KIDS in other countries making their products so they can sell them for a major mark up everywhere. Now If they can make these products for a total of like 5 bucks, why do we pay 100-500 bucks for these things? This just seems greedy to me And seems like it could be a legitimate reason for the recession. GRRRR this is frustrating. They are hoarding so much money they couldn't possibly spend it. Letting this happen is madness. Yet not doing or saying anything is the standard "accepted" action. Like a friend told me "We don't need a revolution because that implies returning to a broken point in the cycle, We need an evolution." Yeah he blew my mind too. :D Keep it clean and friendly everyone. Looking forward to your ideas. Lets get this some traction and change the world.


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  • Aug 10 2013: Jah, it's not that I disagree w/ you, but what you are essentially trying to do is take trillions of dollars out of the pockets of big corporations, who essentially have bought the governments of the world. The only way to improve the situation is to do two basic things: a) buy less of the products / services that these industries sell, which means changing the way we educate young people to think about things like Nike shoes, texting, and Big Macs; and b) fight fire w/ fire by creating industries that sell better products that are meant to last longer, like Apple vs. PC laptops. Apple products are more expensive, but they last longer and are mostly not the target of viruses. I've asked techies why hackers don't attack Apple w/ viruses, who say 'people LIKE Apple....'

    Another thing you are fighting is a world-wide campaign against access to good education for ALL. If governments were to invest in addressing any / all learning barriers K to 6, along w/ rigorous & engaging education then everyone would be able think for, take care of, & respect themselves.

    I work in the Mid. East, where many citizens are not educated enough to know that constantly eating Fast Food is not healthy, & where 70% of citizens are overweight (many of whom suffer from medical problems). We could produce healthier foods for everyone, but the profit margin would be lower....not going to happen...

    Acquiring knowledge & critical thinking skills, and valuing hard work & citizenship are the keys to our future but BIG MONEY & POWER are fighting against this--they want young people to learn to become dependent on mostly unnecessary products and 'services', and simply be too dull to question this system.

    We must learn to fight this by being smarter than those who think we are too stupid to understand what is going on--not that hard, but it means a life style change.

    I teach my college students HOW to think not WHAT..

    Keep thinking, questioning, learning, and getting smart. Prof. Schneider
    • Aug 12 2013: i personally try to buy less from the companies that pull this, but they've done pretty well to make sure there really are no other alternatives. buy from somewhere you think is honest and find they're a subsidiary of a big multi-national, or they don't have the goods you need or don't service your area, and then even if you do find a place the only way you can pay them is thru using the services of a big multi-national who take their cut. also they collectively pay very poor salaries to the majority of their workers, so most people just can't afford to shop somewhere that doesn't exploit, and people can't create industries because first they need funding and no-one's going to give it to them because they'll be working against one of their partners, and even if they do get started they'll be manufacturing at a disadvantage because the big manufacturers have already lobbied for tax breaks that the start up won't get.

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