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Why is it OK for corporations to outsource work to countries that violate the corporation's home country labor laws?

Prime Example: Nike and Apple. Paying about 15 bucks a day to KIDS in other countries making their products so they can sell them for a major mark up everywhere. Now If they can make these products for a total of like 5 bucks, why do we pay 100-500 bucks for these things? This just seems greedy to me And seems like it could be a legitimate reason for the recession. GRRRR this is frustrating. They are hoarding so much money they couldn't possibly spend it. Letting this happen is madness. Yet not doing or saying anything is the standard "accepted" action. Like a friend told me "We don't need a revolution because that implies returning to a broken point in the cycle, We need an evolution." Yeah he blew my mind too. :D Keep it clean and friendly everyone. Looking forward to your ideas. Lets get this some traction and change the world.


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    Aug 9 2013: Hey there Jah Kable
    Short answer: It is NOT OK. If you want to know HOW it happens, I think it might be instructive to revisit Bucky Fuller's "Grunch of Giants," or even his "Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth." In those books he does suggest ways to evolve or get traction by re-conceptualizing wealth and big picture orientation.

    Since a solution will be situated within the problem, maybe the self-reliant form of the question is: do I want a happy life or a meaningful one? Revenge does not produce either.

    Perhaps compassionately working in the service of humanity is evolutionary enough.

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