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An idea to absorb the carbon dioxide in the air

Hai i am david working as junior mechanical engineer .. I am proposing an ideat how to decrease the air pollution..air is polluted by mainly carbon dioxide emitted by many vehicles ...as we know all castic soda (sodium hydroxide ) absorb the co2..so that if we made a box having suction fan ..these set up mounted on long hallow verticle tube ..these total equipment construct in between the road having heavy traffick ..co2 entrapped by fan and going to inside the box and absorbed by the castic soda ..if the castic soda is unable to absorb the co2 we wil replaced by using long verticle tube ..box having one light .so that it wil act as a stree lights ..these process is a cyclic process ..we wil construct these a distance of 10 mts .all tubes are connected to main long horizantal tube supplies the castic soda ..so that we wil entrap co2 by these method


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  • Aug 4 2013: peter
    on my farm i have a one acre pond with a 1/4 hp airaetor bubbling from the deepest point 10 ft
    in the summer the surface temperatre can reach 80 f degrees without the aerator with the aerator on the temperature rarely gets above 75 f degrees
    since ocean surface temperatures pacific have been blamed for most of the extreme weather in the united states and very little fresh water gets to these mid ocean hot spots i think working on temperature control will be a lot more productive than trying to control an otherwise good gas by enforcng draconian economic controls on our entire economy. and then we can discuss the shaky scientific data that warming is really happening, or how to control chinas coal fired energy
    i read a nathan myrvold article on pumping sulphur dioxide up 100000 ft over the north pole to eat the carbon dioxide shield in place like mt pinotubo did when it erupted in 1990
    both methods have the avantage of being quickly and easily regulated to maintain goal temps

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