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An idea to absorb the carbon dioxide in the air

Hai i am david working as junior mechanical engineer .. I am proposing an ideat how to decrease the air pollution..air is polluted by mainly carbon dioxide emitted by many vehicles ...as we know all castic soda (sodium hydroxide ) absorb the co2..so that if we made a box having suction fan ..these set up mounted on long hallow verticle tube ..these total equipment construct in between the road having heavy traffick ..co2 entrapped by fan and going to inside the box and absorbed by the castic soda ..if the castic soda is unable to absorb the co2 we wil replaced by using long verticle tube ..box having one light .so that it wil act as a stree lights ..these process is a cyclic process ..we wil construct these a distance of 10 mts .all tubes are connected to main long horizantal tube supplies the castic soda ..so that we wil entrap co2 by these method


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  • Jul 28 2013: carbon dioxide scrubbers have been used for years, dating back to the start of the 20th century. If you are interested you can check the history. It was used in submarines in world war I, II and for re-breathers that had no bubbles. It was also used on space craft, like the Apollo series.

    currently some power plants use scrubbers on the smoke stack but it costs 100 dollars per ton of captured carbon dioxide.
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      Jul 29 2013: we set up these equipement middle of the roads sir . its act like street lights also . as u said power plants and sub marines having these but peoples are going on the roads not to near power plant chimneys and near to sub marines . i got this thought to decrease the pollution in between the peoples sir

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