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Is humanity inherently good or evil?

Overtime I have developed a way of thought that has led me to believe humanity is generally good. However, many events over the past few years have challenged my inherent belief. Do you believe that humanity is inherently good? Why?


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  • Aug 1 2013: Austin Bundy,
    I believe that humanity is inherently good,
    with an exception being geographical governments..

    Why? Below I list today -- I am not a zealot.
    Merely a concerned historian of sorts.

    Try reading the histories of the Hitler regime in the early 1930's.
    The way a small cadre of individuals were able to enslave untold
    millions within a very few years.

    Millions maimed & died. Innocent men, women, and wee children.

    The parallel's with some of today's geographical governments are
    most disheartening.

    Secret surveillances of phone and computers must be opposed
    by our elected and appointed representatives. Those who refuse
    to work to cancel ongoing snooping activities, need to be removed
    from their fat positions of influence.

    A repeat of the Nazi should not be tolerated.

    Am I wrong, in your opinion to be thus concerned today?

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