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Is humanity inherently good or evil?

Overtime I have developed a way of thought that has led me to believe humanity is generally good. However, many events over the past few years have challenged my inherent belief. Do you believe that humanity is inherently good? Why?


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  • Jul 28 2013: I think humanbeing inherently neither good nor evil,it depends on how education,environment,people around them to accompany them growing up.

    Meanwhile I observe:good or evil can be inherited to next generation.is it from gene or later educaiton?
    • Jul 31 2013: edulover learner 20+ thank you

      I have an observation also, about the same as you.

      As a youth growing up I was a fairly good and bad kid.
      My Father was an alcoholic, but he became one after his 3 children were ages 3, 5, & 6.
      My Mother was a good mother, who started smoking after my father became an alcoholic.
      So we children were in pretty good shape mentally to begin our lives.

      I was an alcoholic, a woman chasing prevaricator, who rose to great heights in taking
      successful business ventures to new lows. All 21 of them. My wife took it for 20 years
      and said bye bye. 1 psychiatrist and 1 District Attorney later, I decided money was not
      what makes you happy. Today I live with less and feel so much better. I like myself.

      My Sister the eldest, never smoked, nor drank, nor learned to drive, She instead, was
      the leader of an association of weavers. And a interesting Scandinavian cook.

      My Brother, the younger, was an alcoholic, a woman chasing prevaricator, who rose to
      great heights in the Army, and died a few years ago.

      My children 2 girls and a later preemie boy grew to become a huge man. .
      2 of my children tested drugs and alcohol, but somehow, they escaped by
      the skin of their teeth.

      Not my eldest daughter. Lost at age 15 to alcohol and drug addiction, is still lost today.
      Her 2 boys, were conceived during both parent's heaviest use of alcohol and drugs.

      At ages 4 and 6 -- One of the boys hid in a closet and using a cigarette lighter
      tried to set fire to a cat . My ex-wife's stone house burned down.

      Both boys were raised within court ordered Foster Homes. Thus far, both have
      been jailed for deadly violence to others. 1 is in jail today. Both remain drug addicted.
      They steal, anything they want from their grandmother, or anyone else.
      They do not want to change.
      Meanwhile, I observe that good or evil can be inherited to the next generation.
      Is it from gene or later education? Both.
      • Aug 1 2013: Hi Dear Frank,thanks for sharing your experience about the topic to us.The experience from you reminded me:How important parents for children's growing up.

        I remember one of TED freinds asked me the same question about drugs and alcohol problems among adolescence teengages and children in United State.China there are also those teenagers addicted to drugs and alcohol too:those children probably are rich growing up family but lack of love:almost most of them parents are busy with business and ignore children's psychological growing up.I can say most of these parents without healthy psychological spirits but money only.It caused big problem in their children's education.Fortunately most of chinese children growing well in the society,at least for students I taught,all they are very lovely and good behave,when I talked to them,I always tried to show my high respect about their parents to them.
        Being a teacher,I am aware of a child growing up,most of depends on parents' hard work but teachers'...So any student performed good in my class,I never forgot to tell those students:thanks for your parents hard work to support you growing up...

        I haven't been to United State,but I think it is really a profound topic to keep searching:what caused so many children there addicted to drugs and alcohol?Being a teacher,I am very interested in it too.I welcome anyone comes to share that to me anyway and anytime:)

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