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Is humanity inherently good or evil?

Overtime I have developed a way of thought that has led me to believe humanity is generally good. However, many events over the past few years have challenged my inherent belief. Do you believe that humanity is inherently good? Why?


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    Jul 29 2013: I believe that everybody, deep down inside, is good and is capable of being good. Everyone has their loved one that they would sacrifice for.

    It is their wrong doing that is bad but not the people themselves. Some people try to do good things but always end up screwing up. Some people who commit evil acts just because they have to suffer from a trauma, depression, stress or some other bad events in their life.

    And I believe that good people would bring out the good in people. If you actually take the effort to treat people, not as who they are or who they used to be, but who they could become, it would truly make a huge impact. If you believe that people can be good and you show them that you do, then they will become good.

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