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Is humanity inherently good or evil?

Overtime I have developed a way of thought that has led me to believe humanity is generally good. However, many events over the past few years have challenged my inherent belief. Do you believe that humanity is inherently good? Why?


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  • Jul 28 2013: Good and evil are both subjective concepts with no measurable physical presence.
    In other words, they're an artificial construct of the mind that doesn't really exist, and even if it would exist, you couldn't get consensus for a single definition. Everyone has their own ideas on what's good and what's evil.
    Its one of those wholly inaccurate things they teach you in kindergarten (kids have a hard time with complicated concepts, and this makes explaining things to them easier), and never bother to un-teach you later in life.

    Therefore, nothing is inherently good or evil, because good and evil as a concept is not what I'd call grounded in reality.
    • Jul 28 2013: Exactly! There is no way to measure good or evil within humanity. Good and evil are subjective terms with some common assumptions trialling both.

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