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How could women occupy much more top part of our society?

Sheryl Sandberg published a book . And she came to my country, korea, to make a speech for her book. I was also one of the attendees of the conference. To make long story short, what she mentioned was that women are likely underestimate their own ability than men do. And they are more worried about childcare and having a baby in advance, not participating in the worforce passionately. I'm a student and will become a career woman, I want to share ideas with you and get advices from you( ^^ )
1. What attitudes should women have?
2. How can society help women to break the glass ceiling?

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Closing Statement from Sophia BAE

Thanks for everyone who joined this conversation:) After reading Sheryl Sandberg, I did not restrict myself only undersatanding the words she wrote but appreciating and sharing ideas with all this TED's people. Thank you again, all you guys widened my perspective in this field. I will become more a considerate career woman in the future, not feeling limitation as a woman but taking advantages of being a woman.

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    Aug 1 2013: Here is a question that came to me after I watched the Sandberg talk, Sophia. Why traditionally has it been most women's responsibility to take care of the home and children, do you know?
    • Aug 2 2013: I think it is because a woman is the one who gave birth to their children. In fact, birth of new life is attributed to both sexs' effort but woman suffer more pain when bearing a child. So It becomes some kind of convention that woman stay at home, doing housework and her husband work out for food or finding shelter. Of course, it is quite complex problem to conclude in only few sentences:) . What do you think of this?
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        Aug 2 2013: I don't think it explains it, even if women give birth to children does not necessarily mean they should stay at home. I'm thinking it's because life in the outside world is a little rougher, and women have been considered weaker and also more vulnerable, what do you think?
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          Aug 2 2013: I think it has much to do with the "woman thing", in most of small and ancient culture, it's reasonable why they wouldn't think man are much cleaner to serve as a leader(or to serve god), as the reason keep as a secret, the later generation are more likely to take that as a tradition rather than question it . A part from that, man are just simply stronger (physically), so he will be the one to make the rule. I study a little bit about ancient china philosopher such as Confucius, he did not criticize nor make a clear a path for woman, but I think if I ask, he would take woman as the same class as man for he loved his mother very much. I think he did imply the equality of woman in his work in some way, I can point out some, but I am not sure if it was his intention.
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          Aug 2 2013: :))) Sophia BAE explain the woman view , I did some of the men view.
        • Aug 2 2013: Yes, greg. I agree with you in that women have been considered physically weaker than men. Why did I think like that is the one who gave birth to a childa is likely to form more attachment with the baby. After bearing the baby, women feel pains a lot. And she do not have much energy to seek foods or shelthers(in ancient). Buy someone must take that responsibility because their purpose is surviving. It has form some kind of firm convention, and the next generation assumed it for granted.

          Simon Le, Hello. Thank you for your reply:) Once tradition form, it put down to the next generation naturally, I think. And I studied about Confucius a little too. In my own country, Confucius is an important person as to human beings' nature.
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          Aug 3 2013: I think women have hormones that create a very strong bond with the baby. the baby spends 9 months in her body and evolutionarily, the instinct to protect the baby comes in the form of hormones. After nine months of brainwashing by hormones, women have formed this strong bond that her new purpose in life is to take care of the baby, above all else. Priorities are shifted.

          To get ahead in career, politics, whatever, I think that women have to have the faith in the measures they've put in place to take care of children. While they're thinking of having children, to make plans on how to take care of children, have family support for the days when emergencies require someone to be there without letting it take you away from the office, how to make sure that even without your presence the children have more than just babysitting, to have enriching, varied, constructive experiences. making plans and contingencies.

          Once your mind is at peace about your children, you are free to pursue personal ambitions.

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