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How could women occupy much more top part of our society?

Sheryl Sandberg published a book . And she came to my country, korea, to make a speech for her book. I was also one of the attendees of the conference. To make long story short, what she mentioned was that women are likely underestimate their own ability than men do. And they are more worried about childcare and having a baby in advance, not participating in the worforce passionately. I'm a student and will become a career woman, I want to share ideas with you and get advices from you( ^^ )
1. What attitudes should women have?
2. How can society help women to break the glass ceiling?

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Closing Statement from Sophia BAE

Thanks for everyone who joined this conversation:) After reading Sheryl Sandberg, I did not restrict myself only undersatanding the words she wrote but appreciating and sharing ideas with all this TED's people. Thank you again, all you guys widened my perspective in this field. I will become more a considerate career woman in the future, not feeling limitation as a woman but taking advantages of being a woman.

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    Jul 29 2013: We have been seeking for this so-called gender equity for so long. But consider this, how is it fair for men to only work but for women to both work and take care of the children? Is this what we really fighting for, for women to have more roles than men? I mean, to be honest men cannot give birth and raise the kids during its first few years after birth, it is a task best done by women. It is quite paradoxical in my opinion.

    But dear Sophia, there are some women that are both great leaders and great moms. They do exist but they are few. But you can be whatever you want to be, it's all up to you. Just remember that family is more important than your career. Because you can have the money, the status and people's respect, but at the end of the day, all you need is a family who is there to support you, to witness your progress and acknowledge your success.

    Look into society today where women can work. The most common problem is that most parents go to work and neither of them is spending enough time with their children. And look at children nowadays, they develop into all sorts of things or getting into all sort of problems by themselves, and imagine how avoidable that is if the parents can be around.

    My mom quit her job in order to spend more time in raising me. She has a great mind to do business and I can guarantee you she could make tons of money if she becomes an entrepreneur. But instead she chose me over her career. And I have to say that that is one of the greatest choice in her life. I feel lucky I am well raised, growing up being quite an all-rounded girl. And my mom is really proud of me, and of her choice of course. It is better this way than having a great career but spoiled children and a broken family.
    • Jul 29 2013: Dear Son Huynh, thanks for your deep insight. I was thinking that some kind of our society and companies are not quite fair. But after reading your comment, there is something more important and precious to womena than their career. Yes, I am a students yet, so I only think of my personal goal and fulfillment rather than family love. I love last paragraph of your comment( ^^) All moms are really great!

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