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Can we implement cost-effective analogue solutions to education in Rural India.

I live in Hyderabad, India. My country faces a tremendous problem with poverty and education. India's statistics are bad: a third of the world's poorest, and the highest in illiteracy. These numbers keep changing, but it is still bad.

Sugata Mitra proposed a school in the cloud, strongly supporting self-learning through emotional encouragement as a requirement for educational growth. Even so, the cloud is expensive. A population that cannot afford food or education can only dream at the moment.

Can the existing educational system be improved using analogue solutions, until an infrastructure that can incorporate digital technology is put in place?


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  • Jul 30 2013: Firstly the definition of education should be understood .The present system of education is not at all education . The present system & the method adopted to gauge the education is only " TESTING MEMORY " It is totally fake & misleading.
    Once Graduated people are considered educated , instead they should consider themselves as ready /or , fit ( there mind have been trained to get the right logic to come to an right conclusion, which is not the case).

    Till this is achieved we will have educated in huge nos. but not employable at any level

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