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When Dr. Cuddy spoke about people who rated the "presence" of subjects who were in the interview situations what scale did they use?

As a movement analyst I am interested in learning more about how "Presence" was determined on a non-verbal level. I know the system that I use to categorize and analyze movement (Laban Movement Analysis) but I'm wondering what kinds of questions or scales the raters used during this research project?

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    Jul 28 2013: stacey, did you want more time on your conversation, click "edit" and add more time, at this point you have three hours.
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    Jul 27 2013: This may come from her research with Dana Carney.

    I agree with Juan that looking at her published research is your most direct way of finding an answer to your question.
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    Jul 27 2013: Your best bet is to 1) comment on the talk in question in the area provided. That area is on the same page where you can view/download the video. 2) Check Amy Cuddy's TED speaker profile/CV and determine if you can email her personally. If so, do it. 3) If all else fails, go to the 'About TED' pages & email a TED staffer directly. They will answer you.