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What is Zeitgeist ?

Do the zeitgeist refers just shared ideas and common collection of knowledge and trend in any domain at certain period of time?
Or it refers to some mysterious spirit of time ?
Mostly zeitgeist is invoked to explain parallel inventions in science,arts,culture and religions.
Do parallel inventions require extra explanation other than the conventional one?

  • Jul 28 2013: A good word when do we use it and where now. I followed Juan's advice and looked it up.

    So gestalt is another good word.

    But I believe Juan has the definitive comment.
    • Jul 29 2013: why is gestalt another good word?
      • Jul 30 2013: Well I never claimed to never be wrong. It's just one of those words that the people I meet are usually unfamiliar with, and it is a good solid German import. Good point Amos.
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    • Jul 28 2013: hello deepak, i am from ahmedabad.I got some of your points.
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  • Jul 28 2013: Hi Dear vidit patil,Zeitgeist,in my present understanding of'Zeitgeist' means with critical thinking and wild imagination to engage in anything which can contribute to be positive to our society.

    This morning when I went to supermarket,I heard a little girl and her grandmather's dialogue:
    Little girl:grandmom,it is too hot...
    Grandmother:oh,yes,it is hot hot...meanwhile the grandmom was using fan to help the little girl to get a bit cool...
    Little girl:grandmom,why don't we hang an air-condition in the sky to make it is a bit cool?
    Grandmom:oh,yes are very clever oh...
    They were takling to each other while they walked in the street,and I walked after them hearing their dialogue.How clever the little girl...the aspect is one kinds of Zeitgeist symbol I think...