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Will powerful people join hands to change this world?

The powerful people generally does not make a noise seeing the things happening in the world. A few takes initiatives they donate they do charity and make a publicity out of it but why they stop it there? why cant few join hands and start a beginning which leads to a peaceful world.


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    • Jul 31 2013: Dear Deepak,

      My name is Shekar and i strongly believe TO CHANGE is an collective effort and it cant be achieved by few people around. We should join and make a big noise and we need to be determined no matter how many years it takes. Public may not listen to a middle class but there will be some few friends who will listen and agree to us first lets gather them then it will multiply lets join hands and work on a strategy to change the world. First lets start in India then the rest will follow. For example how did the Brahmakumaris grew its just happened over time word of mouth isn't it ??

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