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How parents affect teachers' socialization?

I'm searching materials about teachers' socialization recently. I ,especially,want to make a further analysis about parents' factors to teachers' socialization.There are more articles analyzing teachers' socialization in western countries than in China.This is why I post this question to see if someone is familiar with this topic and can give me some essays,articles which have been published for my ref.tks!

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    • Aug 1 2013: Hi!Mary.Tks for your info.The materials you sent to me is what I am interested in which is exactly the subject I'm focusing on now.Furthermore,regarding the subject"teachers' socialization",I mainly want to collect materials about parents' effect on teachers' socialization.thank you!
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        • Aug 2 2013: Mary,you are so kind.:)
 parent influence, you are saying that the student's parents have an effect on their child's teacher.....
          You are right.

          According to some researches,there are several factors influencing teachers' socialization,such as the school's politics ,the collegues teachers corperate with,the students and the students' parents as well as the teachers themselves(how they reflect their teaching).

          When you enter into a school and become a new teacher,you have to learn the rules of the school,the relationship between your collegues,the students' performance and learn how to communicate with your students' parents.Those are what you have to learn during the process of the socialization.
          I have found some materials about the school's influencing on teachers' socialization,but unfortunately,there are little materials about parents' .

          I think parents are the main people the teachers will corperate with outside of the school,and parens' opinions and comments will affect their teaching.This is the reason I want to make the research about the parents' influence.
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        • Aug 6 2013: Hi!Mary.You really do me a great favor.
          Your suggestion is right and this is what I will do in the following months.Firstly,I have to read enough materials to get some ideas,and then do questionares and make interviews.
          Thank you again for your kindness.:)
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    Jul 30 2013: it may be interesting, but what do you mean by 'teacher socialization'?
    • Aug 1 2013: Dear Maja,
      It means the process where an individual becomes an participating member of a society of teachers. I'm at my second year of master's degree and this is the topic of my research paper.
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        Aug 1 2013: So, it means that students' parents have to cooperate with teachers , they have to become a part of teachers' society? Am I rigth??
        And the problem is that parents are often against teachers...
        • Aug 2 2013: Yes, are right.I think parents which is one of the factors influencing the teachers' socialization will affect the teachers.

          Parents' support will encourage a teacher,meanwhile,parents sometimes are against the teachers,which will discourage the teachers.
          Those are the two aspects what I want to further analyze .
  • Jul 29 2013: I,too, do not understand what you mean by teacher' socialization. Do you mean how society views teachers?
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    Jul 28 2013: Perhaps the reason you have not yet gotten any responses here is that it is not clear what you mean by "teacher socialization." I have never heard that expression.
    • Aug 1 2013: Thank you for your attention.