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What is it that defines a country's development?

What is your definition of a developed country?
Is it their economy? their warfare? their education? life expectancy?

What about happiness? Can it be measured?


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  • Jul 27 2013: There is a logical progression but first let me state some of the obvious.

    1. As a species we have gone from a band, to a village, to a tribe.to a country.
    2. The four factors of most significance that define a country are (and were) family, religion (original law and Morales), the leaders and economic conditions (in the beginning).
    3. We are creative, productive, selfish and cooperative.

    Using these factors you can examine a country and it's development. An example is....if economics (difficult to grow today's bread) were severe, war was the typical outcome...the leaders were warriors and that set the stage for not only more of the same but also a foundation for future government, impacted the family, and dictated religion. Take the same statement and now look at the outcome if economic conditions were good.

    Using the Bangladesh example above you want to examine why...a religion of peace, strong family, no war, local leadership, self sufficient (much like the USA at one time as well as other countries). What qualifies or quantifies a 1st world versus 3rd world country is not necessarily related to prosperity (the western view). And what defines "developed" is subjective.

    I leave you to examine what your country has become and where it will go.

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