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What is Barack Obama's favorite TEDtalk?

I'd really like to see TEDtalks being discussed in the open presidential forums (YouTube, CNN, etc) for future US (and ideally global) elections. It got me wondering what each 2008 US Presidential candidate might say their favorite talk was...kind of interesting to think about.

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    Apr 16 2011: Well, if Barack knows what's good for him, he'd better say it was the talk by his wife! :-D
  • Apr 12 2011: TED Talks discussed in open presidential forums? Why, oh why, would you want to destroy a good thing? (TED talks, not presidential campaigns.) Although I’ll admit to being curious as to what Sarah Palin’s choice would be.
  • Apr 12 2011: Great idea Adam. You should send a letter to the President's office - better still, create a video, upload to YouTube and send that link along with an email (on the White House website).