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Why do so many people post "Questions" and "Debates" under the "IDEA" section?

I thought the Ideas section would be a place to share legitimate new concepts, thoughts and well, IDEAS....
Just my thoughts.

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    Apr 12 2011: That's what comes up as default and there's no way to change it after the fact (plus it's not even obvious that there is a selection to be made).

    I've made this mistake a couple of times and still get caught by it.
  • Apr 12 2011: Because the lines between a Question, a Debate, and an Idea are blurry.

    Example: "What would be the drawbacks of doing BLANK to improve US education?" I would consider that to be an Idea, a Question, and the topic of whether education needs to be improved would likely need to be Debated.

    Also, there is going to obviously be some Debate in the commends of this Question you asked.

    I vote that the 3 categories be merged.

    Topics (education, health, energy) should be far more important than Question, Idea, or Debate.

    Just my personal opinion, please feel free to debate and question me below.