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Do you agree that Brandon, photographer of HONY (Humans of New York) needs to give a TED talk?

Humans of New York is photography blog which makes millions of people around the world smile everyday.

Brandon Stanton, a young photographer back in 2010 started a blog where he went around New York, asked random strangers questions such as "What was the happiest moment of your life?" "What's one advice you would want to give to a big group of people?" and takes a portrait of them to post on his blog. Today he has millions of followers and I personally have learned so much from people I have not met by keeping up with this blog.

It's a unique blog but an even more unique self-made job! Check it out and the Facebook as well where a lot of interaction occurs

Would you too love to hear what Brandon has learned from talking to so many strangers?
Is there anyone else who you think deserves a spot on the TED platform?

  • Aug 14 2013: YESSSSSS!
  • Aug 5 2013: I would love to see a Ted Talk from HONY! I appreciate his work, he inspires people to see each other's unique struggles. There should be a HONY in every city.
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    Aug 13 2013: New York City gets enough face time. I'd rather explore the human condition somewhere more unusual. I'm sure is blog is nice and all, in its own NYC way, but it sounds like photographic portraitist version of navel-gazing.

    Does this website actually have "millions of people" viewing it each day around the world? And if it has millions (2 million or more) viewers each and every day, how many of them are part of the 8.3 million people living in NYC or in the surrounding area?
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      Aug 25 2013: There are definitely millions of viewers but I'm not sure about the viewers! What makes him special is that he does not do work like anyone else. I am not looking for insight on New York people but the interactions he has will people on a daily basis anyway! Check out him on Facebook and his site! What he does is different and I respect that!

      You make very valid points tho! Thanks for reading! :)
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    Jul 26 2013: The best way to get TED to consider a speaker you would like to hear is to make your case directly to them via this Nominate a Speaker form!

    Many people don't know you can do this!